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The Ca’ Basso Winery in Longare is the magical place where our grapes finally get treated and refined to produce the top-quality DOC wines of the Berici Hills.

Our Winery

Our extensive experience and the history of the enological traditions of these areas allowed us to research and perfect our techniques on wine making. Patiently waiting and respecting the right time of aging pay us back with DOC wines that have unique and distinctive organoleptic characteristics.

The attention during the interventions in the winery with the most advanced technologies on the wine-making process allow us to continuously monitor right from the first phases of production, the fermentation state to the final bottling and the stocking.
Here, you will be able to get to know our philosophy behind wine-making and discover each production phase, all monitored with the most modern technologies.

Besides the DOC wines of the Berici Hills, our experience and passion led us to create new fine blends in order for us to offer a vast selection of excellent and exclusive signature wines that received many prizes and awards throughout the years.
In our family-run company we will guide you through our reserve to discover the DOC wines of the Berici Hills, accompanying you during the wine tasting and helping you in choosing the best wine for your favorite dishes, your celebrations, or the best wine to make a special moment unforgettable.

Some of our awards