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The Story of our Winery

It all started between the late 18th century and the early 19th century, right here on the Berici foothills, when the ancestors of the Basso family started buying and till various lands between Lumignano, Castegnero and Costozza, where in the early 20th century the family decided to settle down. Exactly on these sunny and gently-sloped hills, born from rocky sedimentations

in a place that over fifty millions years ago was washed by the sea, is where the adventure in the wine sector of the great-great-grandparents of the Basso family beings. In the early ‘70s, the ancestors decided to permanently dedicate themselves to the mono-cultivation of grapevines, which could grow and flourish thanks to the particularly favorable microclimate of the Berici Hills.

A tradition which has been passed down for three generations.

The moment came for Gianni and his son Graziano to give a new direction to their activity by selecting many fine vineyards and trying to gather all the knowledge on traditional techniques used in the past for their cultivation, to implement them and pass them down to the future generations in a legacy now picked up and carried on by the grandson Fabio.

The philosophy behind this change is now at the base of each and every decision of the Company.

Discover the land

The passion, the genuineness, the memory of past traditions and the respect for nature and our land, are essential parts of our daily job.

In our winery we produce DOC wines of the Berici Hills, such as Tai Rosso, with a special focus on innovation as well, which allowed us to further study the techniques for the production of aromatic wines through the creation of new blends, in order to always obtain the highest quality from our products and offer a vast selection of fine wines from Vicenza to our customers.